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Ireland 18th-21st June

My playing partners on the 16th at Enniscorthy, Leighton Davies, Adrian Gregory and Wes Reynolds

28 of us set out on the trip - Thanks to Lyn Devreaux for this photo

My shot went into the trees and while I was preparing to chip out I heard the shout of 'FORE' and a ball clattering through the branches of the trees above me, it landed on the roof of the buggy and stayed there. I told Wes he shoud play it as it lies, he wanted me to drive to the green and see if I could make it drop off there.

A panorama of St Helens Bay with the first on the extreme left and the 18th on the right

Enjoying a drink outside the clubhouse behind the 18th green are Nicola and Leighton Davies, Steve Parfitt and Alison and John Booth


Captain: John Booth
Kevin Budge

President: Colin Price - Freeman of the 
Borough of Neath & Port Talbot 
Vice-President: John Edwards
Chairman: John Jackson
Vice-Chairman: Kenny Morris
Sectretary: Roger Parsons
Treasurer: Bob Webb
Handicap Sec: Frank Webb


Immediate Past Captain
Club Officers (above)
Dave Devreaux
Phil Elliott
Ken Gregory
Mark Roche
Rod Woodward

Max Boyce M.B.E.
Ruth Madoc
Sir Bryn Terfel C.B.E.
Sir Gareth Edwards C.B.E.

Honorary Professionals:
Ian Woosnam O.B.E.
Bradley Dredge
Past Captains:

Steve Kane (2018)
Mike Thomas (2017)
Ian Webster (2016)
Paul Gregory (2015)
Adrian Gregory (2014)
Rod Woodward (2013)
Jimi Webb(2012)
Bob Webb (2011)
Frank Webb (2010)
Ken Gregory (2009)
Mark Roche (2008)
Colin Price (2007)
Kenny Morris (2006)
Mike Williams (2005)
John Edwards (2004)
Nicky Piper (2003)
Jeff Alvey (2002)
Kenny Morris (2001)
Phil Elliott (2000)
Wayne Michaels (1999) Mark Roche (1998) Roger Parsons (1997) Owen Money (1993-1996)


A great three day trip to Ireland saw 28 of us heading over on the ferry to enjoy some good weather and some excellent Guinness. There was also a bit of golf played at Wexford, Enniscorthy and St Helen's Bay.

A few people need special thanks, firstly for the excellent organisation Kenny Morris who did all the negotiating and arranging which meant that the rest of us just had to turn up. Secondly Mike Davey for providing the transport and for driving us all to each of the venues, we greatly appreciated the fact that you watched the rest of us sip the Guinness while you waited to drive us back to the hotel late on the Wednesday evening. Also Adrian Gregory for being 'treasurer and scorekeeper at each of the golf venues. Thanks are also due to the guys who sponsored nearest the pin each day and they were Mike Thomas, Mike Davey, Steve Parfitt and John Booth. And finally, the guys who put on the show at Enniscorthy Golf Club that's Kenny Morris, Phil Elliott and Dave Devreaux - what a show it was, one of the members came over to me and said 'I have been a member here for 50 years and have never seen anything so good in the club'

I must say that the welcome that we received was absolutely fabulous and this was not just at the golf clubs but in the hotel, the shops and the bars


Kenny Morris was given a card of thanks for organising the trip

Here's a photo that I took of Steve Parfitt which I have included since he didn't appear in amongst the winners photos

Day 1 - Wexford

The results for the day were:

1st: Mike Davey- 31 pts
2nd: Robin Griffiths - 28 pts (with a better back nine)
3rd: Adrian Gregory - 28 pts

Nearest The Pin: Lyn Devreaux and Mike Thomas


In first place at Wexford was Mike Davey

In second place was Robin Griffiths

Third place goes to our 'Tour Treasurer' Adrian Gregory

Nearest the pin winner was Mike Thomas

Also nearest the pin was Lyn Devreaux




Day 2 - Enniscorthy

The results for the day were:

1st: Dave Devreaux - 35 pts
2nd: Lyn Devreaux - 32 pts
3rd: Alison Booth - 28 pts (with a better back nine)

Nearest The Pin: Bob Evans and John Booth

Dave Devreaux came first in Enniscorthy

Lyn Devreaux gets a kiss from Adrian Gregory for coming second

In third place Alison Booth

Bob Evans got nearest the pin and tries to get a kiss from Adrian

Also nearest the pin was John Booth who looks as though he is frightened that he might get a kiss from Adrian


Day 3 - St Helen's Bay

The results for the day were:

1st: Wes Reynolds - 35 pts (with a better back nine)
2nd: Adrian Gregory - 35 pts
3rd: Lyn Devreaux- 32 pts

Nearest The Pin: Mike Thomas (both holes)

In first place at St Helen's Bay was Wes Reynolds

In the frame for the second time is Adrian Gregory

Lyn Devreaux takes third place

Nearest the pin on both holes was Mike Thomas

There were joint winners for the best aggregate over the three days and these were Mike Davey on the left and Adrian Gregory on the right with Kenny Morris giving them their prizes. A trophy will be prersented at the annual dinner