The W.E.D.G.E.S.

The Welsh Entertainers Do-Gooders Golfing Enjoyment Society










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I was sent this 'Wanted Poster' from Spain a little earlier, It's no coincidence that Owen Money, Tony Allen and the Gregory brothers are in Spain at the moment.

Here are the boys on tour in Spain, From l to r Back Row: Peter Walters, Phil Elliot, Owen Money, Kevin Budge, Mike Davey, Rod Woodward, Adrian Gregory Mike Williams, Front Row: Paul Gregory, Tony Allen, Someone who wants to remain incognito and Kenny Morris

Captain: Kevin Budge
John Booth

President: Colin Price - Freeman of the 
Borough of Neath & Port Talbot 
Vice-President: John Edwards
Chairman: John Jackson
Vice-Chairman: Kenny Morris
Sectretary: Roger Parsons
Treasurer: Bob Webb
Handicap Sec: Frank Webb


Immediate Past Captain
Club Officers (above)
Dave Devreaux
Phil Elliott
Ken Gregory
Mark Roche
Rod Woodward

Max Boyce M.B.E.
Ruth Madoc
Sir Bryn Terfel C.B.E.
Sir Gareth Edwards C.B.E.

Honorary Professionals:
Ian Woosnam O.B.E.
Bradley Dredge
Past Captains:

Steve Kane (2018)
Mike Thomas (2017)
Ian Webster (2016)
Paul Gregory (2015)
Adrian Gregory (2014)
Rod Woodward (2013)
Jimi Webb(2012)
Bob Webb (2011)
Frank Webb (2010)
Ken Gregory (2009)
Mark Roche (2008)
Colin Price (2007)
Kenny Morris (2006)
Mike Williams (2005)
John Edwards (2004)
Nicky Piper (2003)
Jeff Alvey (2002)
Kenny Morris (2001)
Phil Elliott (2000)
Wayne Michaels (1999) Mark Roche (1998) Roger Parsons (1997) Owen Money (1993-1996)


John Booth - Our Captain for 2019 had only officiated at our opening game before he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition which will neccessitate him undergoing open-heart surgery. I hope that we will welcome him back later in the season. I will post updates here as I get them.

John Booth is awaiting a heart operation

July 8th update - After a long wait and many delays, at last John had his operation yesterday Sunday 7th July when he had a successful valve repair instead of the valve replacement which was the original plan. Today John is already sitting in a chair even though he is attached to many tubes. I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery but understand that it will take some time for him to make a full recovery and join us on the golf course again. Take it easy John and givr us a progress report occasionally..

Ruth Madoc - As everyone knows, our patron has been touring with the show Calendar Girls. Tragically Ruth fell on stage while warming up prior to the show in Dublin last week. Ruth has broken her right hip and femur in three places, she had an operation on Friday 1st February to pin the breaks. She is currently still in hospital in Dublin and is hoping to be transferred to Morriston hospital next Monday (11th February).

I'm sure we all wish Ruth a speedy recovery and in the meantime a well deserved rest while John looks after her

Update: Ruth is making good progress and hopes that she will be able to rejoin the Calendar Girld tour in September..

Ruth Madoc, who is back home after her hospitalisation in Dublin and Morriston.









Our good friend and patron Ruth Madoc has embarked on a long tour of Calendar Girls, The Musical . With music written by Gary Barlow. We will have to wait a while to see her in Cardiff but if you are in any of the other places or have friends in those areas then please spread the word. Please see the notice re Ruth on the left. I will post an update if I become aware of any changes in her circumstances.

9th July             20th July           Bristol Hippodrome
23rd July           3rd Aug.            Theatre Royal, Plymouth
6th Aug.            10th Aug.          Congress Theatre, Eastbourne
17th Sept           21st Sept          Pavilion, Bournmouth
24th Sept.         28th Sept.         Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
1st Oct.            5th Oct.           New Wimledon Theatre, London
8th Oct            12th Oct.          Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton
16th Oct.          19th Oct           Winter Gardens, Blackpool
29th Oct.          2nd Nov.          Storyhouse, Chester
5th Nov.          9th Nov             Theatre Royal, Bath

Doberman - I was sent the photo below by one of our members who I shalln't name (KM)

"Hello, Doberman Cabs, can I help you? What do you mean Colin's marked my card?"

" I can do Cimla to Swansea Bay return for £30 but don’t keep on about my handicap"

Handicaps - If you need to check your handicap please click on the 'Start Sheets etc' button on the menu and you will find it there. You will need a password to get in, if you haven't already got it, ask Frank Webb or any of the committee members. Remember if you have any questions on the handicaps then please talk to our handicap secretary Frank and remind yourself of the Handicap Rules Etc. here)

Wedges Rulebook - Would members please take time to familiarise yourselves with the Wedges Rulebook

Committee Meetings - The Wedges committee have agreed to meet on the 3rd Wednesday in February, June and October each year. It is hoped that with these dates agreed well in advance that any member who wishes to get in an application form or other correspondence can do so in plenty of time.

Guestbook - The guesbook has been modified to try to avoid the spam so please leave any messages on the new guestbook.