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Jimi Webb New We all knew what I meant!And just to correct John,its JIMI!!And don't forget my burberries lol!


Jimi Webb (no status.....yet) New Congrats on a great job this year Mr Captain.I'm sure we can round it off by winning the ryderless cup at the vale! The Webb

Mike Williams (vice captain) New Congratulations John and well done on a very successful year as Wedges captain 2004 Your Vice Mike p.s. Make sure you smile when you receive and LIFT the RYDERLESS CUP this year it will look great on the web site!

colin price New well done john a great captain enjoyed your year looking forward to your future as press and computer officer sorry executive officer

John Edwards New Russ - Being a losing Captain hurts, and you should know. Somehow I think that it is a hurt that I won't experience. My team will not let me down. Twll-dyn pob Sais (this is a traditional toast meaning best of luck in Welsh, we will teach you how to say it when we meet). John Edwards

Russ Williams New Swing Low Sweet Chariot, you baxxards are gonna have it up ya !! Come on the English !!!!

alvey New john i want the list of all members for the ryderless team for the wedges... can u ring me........... important..............jeff

John Edwards New Scotty - so you're looking forward to seeing the Trophy in its proper place on St. Georges soil? You guys in the CGS can never stop being comedians can you? The Trophy is in the correct place and we are confident that it will remain here. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Vale of Glamorgan in a few weeks time. John Edwards Captain of the (soon to be) Victorious Wedges Ryderless Cup Team

Scotty Miller New Looking forward to seeing the Trophy in its proper place on St. Georges soil this year after the ryderless cup.Best of luck Scotty (C.G.S.)

Alan Davies New

JOHN JACKSON (CHAIRMAN) New Mr Captain thank you for a great night on Sunday.Ruth and myself had a FAB time.Pease pass on our love and thanks to Marge.SHE IS A STAR.Looking forward to the next time.JJ

Colin Presidente Price New well done mr captain keep up the good work. look forward to you lifting the ryderless cup 2004 at vale of glam

Iwan Bourton New Thanks to all for the organisation at Pyle & Kenfig, my apologies for being unable to remain for the presentation. On the plus side at least the pictures on the website are improved because of it!

Adger Brown New Greetings from the only English Ryderless Cup Winning Captain (2002 if your memories have lapsed).

Ken Greg New Alternative version(I know,get a life) There once was a golfer named Price,who stuck his "old boy" in a vice,he pulled it so hard that it grew by a yard and Shirley said "Colin---that's nice".

John Edwards New Ken's limerick reminds me about a friend who worked in a meat preparation factory. He had an irresistable urge to stick his 'old boy' in the bacon slicer! I asked him what happened. He said he got fired. And the bacon slicer? Well she got fired as well.

Ken Greg New There once was a golfer named Price,who stuck his "old boy" in a vice,he squeezed it so hard, that his nuts turned to lard,--- but it still didn't cure his slice. Alternative version next week.

ADRIAN/PAUL GREGORY New Dear John and Michael Thanks for a great day at Bargoed.

Ken Greg New There was a young golfer named Jimi ,who cheekily asked for a "gimme",the others said no,there"s a long way to go,(5. for the best last line)

Graham Griffiths New Excellent day out.

Chopper Jenkins New Mr Captain, you look in good condition at Whitchurch. Great Pic by your handicap sec.

Chopper Jenkins New Mr Captain, you look in good condition at Whitchurch. Great Pic by your handicap sec.

Miki Travis (Comedians Golfing Society) New Hi All Just want to say what a great pleasure it was for me to play agianst you in the RYDERLESS CUP last year and I'm really looking forward to playing again this year. (yippeeee I've made the cut)

Ken Gregory New

John Edwards New Mike - We're saving the best 'til last. That's why the Ryderless Cup is the last event of the year! It's only you guys from the Comedians Golf Society that do the drinking!!

Mike Jerome New I saw our match is the last one in your diary. I supose you need the rest of the year to recover.Not The GOLF THE DRINK.We are all looking forward to it All The Best TOY BOY

Wayne Michaels New Miss you guy's glad to see the Wedges are healthy and strong. Luck to you all. Carol & Wayne

chopper jenkins New what a great day at Rhadyer. 83 turned out well done Gill. great course well done to all.

John Edwards New Welcome to the Guestbook, I welcome your comments on our website...

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