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Ian Webster New He will be sadly missed I had sum good games with him. love to all your family

Jimi Webb New So Sorry to hear about Merv. Lovely lovely man. Thoughts are with you and your family Frank.

Kenny Morris New So sorry frank our thoughts go to you all

Frank Seymour New Sorry to give you the sad news that my Brother mervyn passed away today

Sue Wood New thank you all for such an amazing and entertaining evening (Sunday 23rd Sept at St Pierre) from the girls from Naunton Downs. Sue Wood

Steve Kane New Thought you guys might like a look at this video interview of my daughters band Kane'd talking about their new song and soundtrack for a new film which will be released soon :-)

bill lee New Frank could you give my best wish's to merv and hope he has a full revovery.

Frank Seymour New Thank you for your good wishes on Behalf of Merv I Know he will appreciate

John Edwards New Bill, I wish we had a 'Like' button for your comment. Good to hear from you.

bill lee New kenny, brian cant elp is sppelin hee went two the sam skool as wot i did

steve kane New It's ok Alan, Kenny don't need tablets, he uses stiff shaft

kenny morris New Yes Brian i agree.Its a good job we dont handicap on spelling you would be off 28

Jeff Alvey New It was great to see jeff alvey today. he is a fantastic golfer especialy with 22 points playing of a low handicap of 16? sorry I meant Wod Woodwod

brian lee New kenny, it shows what usless golfers we all are in the wedges when people win and dont even play to their handycap ?????????????

Alan Barham New My wife informs me they are definetly not Performance enhancing tablets. But just in case I will sell them to Kenny Morris.

Mike Williams New Well i'm glad your all healthy and well again Alan, and for your sake i hope they are not Performance-enhancing Tablets!!!! Lol! Ps. you didn't give any tablets to Adams by the way??

Alan Barham New May I thank everyone at Fairwood who enquired about by illness and offered their good wishes. To win with 35 pts proves my tablets are working.

Kenny Morris New Its Amazing how two of our members handicaps have gone up in there clubs. (Alan Barham & Clive Adams) so we give them an extra shot.and they come 1st & 2nd in Fairwood Park .I think Ian Webster has lost his nickname

Frank Seymour New Sorry wishing everyone a Happy New Year & good golfing ( Not too good

Frank Seymour New Looking forward to the New year & knocking Owen of his pedastal


Potty Patrick New Looking forward to the Ryderless cup. You've got the Webbs but we've got the Lewins.

Bruce Anderson New Good seeing you all today, great weather and my putter worked!! Happy Days !!

ted jones New thanks for great day well done to ian for his 37points i marked the winning card

kenny morris New looking forward to another great season with the wedges.wishing our captain bob webb the very best.and lets hope we see steve kane soon.

Bob Edwards New Hi Guys, Just a few words to say that I have now moved to in the lovely village of Goring on Thames....hope you are well and looking forward to the coming season.cheers Bob.

Mike Doyle New Looking forward to seeing you all again this season.

kenny morris New congratulations to one of our members albert francis on his m.b.e.long over due .albert is a true gent.we in the wedges are so pleased for you and your family.

Jacqui Kane New The Kane family would like to thank our very good friends at the WEDGES for their kindness and support... Wishing you ALL a very successful and happy 2011

John Edwards New I can send you an application form but that doesn't mean to say that you will get selected. Thanks to you guys for a tremendous weekend -There are some photos on the website. Go to the results page and click on Ryderless Cup

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