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Wednesday 10th July - The Grove (Captain's Day)

The Grove

Our members enjoying a drink before the presentation Phil Elliott, Colin Lewis, Adrian Gregory, Peter Sexton (behind Adrian), Bob Evans, Peter Walters and Richard Evans

Hooker Captain Kevin Budge with two props Clive Adams and Roger Parsons in training for the Rugby World Cup in a couple of months (Where's Garin Jemkins when you need him?)

Captain: John Booth
Mike Davey

President: Colin Price - Freeman of the 
Borough of Neath & Port Talbot 
Vice-President: John Edwards
Chairman: John Jackson
Vice-Chairman: Kenny Morris
Sectretary: Roger Parsons
Treasurer: Bob Webb
Handicap Sec: Frank Webb


Immediate Past Captain
Club Officers (above)
Dave Devreaux
Phil Elliott
Ken Gregory
Mark Roche
Rod Woodward

Max Boyce M.B.E.
Ruth Madoc
Sir Bryn Terfel C.B.E.
Sir Gareth Edwards C.B.E.

Honorary Professionals:
Ian Woosnam O.B.E.
Bradley Dredge
Past Captains:

 Kevin Budge (2019)
Steve Kane (2018)
Mike Thomas (2017)
Ian Webster (2016)
Paul Gregory (2015)
Adrian Gregory (2014)
Rod Woodward (2013)
Jimi Webb(2012)
Bob Webb (2011)
Frank Webb (2010)
Ken Gregory (2009)
Mark Roche (2008)
Colin Price (2007)
Kenny Morris (2006)
Mike Williams (2005)
John Edwards (2004)
Nicky Piper (2003)
Jeff Alvey (2002)
Kenny Morris (2001)
Phil Elliott (2000)
Wayne Michaels (1999) Mark Roche (1998) Roger Parsons (1997) Owen Money (1993-1996)


Our Captain Kevin Budge is a member and former captain of the Grove golf club so it was only appropriate that as captain of the Wedges he held his Captain's Day ot the Grove and what an enjoyable day it turned out to be with some excellent scores.

The golf was followed with an evening of entertainment which was one of the best nights that I have had with the Wedges thanks to Bruce Anderson, Katie Mittel, Kenny Morris, Rod Woodward, Bob Webb, Colin Price and The Gregory Brothers.

Taking the first prize on his home course with a superb score was Tony Allen

Jimi Webb in second place

Dave Devreaux in third place

A two for Ged Rave wins him a sleeve of balls

Frank Webb also achieved a two

A two for Jimi Webb helps him into second place

Don Woosnam also had a two

Members Draw winner was Bob Evans

The results were:

1st: Tony Allen - 42 pts
2nd: Jimi Webb - 41 pts
3rd: Dave Devreaux - 38 pts

Nearest the pin winner was Ken Gregory

Jimi Webb thinks that his handicap reduction of 3 shots is a bit harsh - no Jimi it is well deserved

Rod Woodward's reaction to Jimi's new handicap needs no explanation

Ken Gregory expresses his usual enthusiasm for the handicap revisions

The day was just prior to the Open Championship and as usual there was a sweepstake to pick the winner

Garin Jenkins looks confident that his sweepstake entry will do well in The Open, Marc Thomson doesn't look as confident in the background

Jason 'Jiffy' Aston certainly thinks his sweepstake entry has a chance - if you look closely:

Jiffy's entry says Brandon Stone

I'm guessing Clive Adams is not happy with his selection in the sweep.