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Ireland 24th-26th June

This trip was probably the best one for having more ladies than ever before. I hope that I managed to get all the girls into this one photo

Yvonne & Adrian Gregory (with Seamus), Nicola & Leighton Davies

Mike & Larraine Davey, Justine Lawrence, Sharon & Kenny Morris.

There was a beautiful sunset over Wexford as the members inside were enjoying the entertainment

Entertainment in the clubhouse included Phil Elliott

A panorama of St Helens Bay with the first on the extreme left and the 18th on the right


Captain: John Booth
Mike Davey

President: Colin Price - Freeman of the 
Borough of Neath & Port Talbot 
Vice-President: John Edwards
Chairman: John Jackson
Vice-Chairman: Kenny Morris
Sectretary: Roger Parsons
Treasurer: Bob Webb
Handicap Sec: Frank Webb


Immediate Past Captain
Club Officers (above)
Dave Devreaux
Phil Elliott
Ken Gregory
Mark Roche
Rod Woodward

Max Boyce M.B.E.
Ruth Madoc
Sir Bryn Terfel C.B.E.
Sir Gareth Edwards C.B.E.

Honorary Professionals:
Ian Woosnam O.B.E.
Bradley Dredge
Past Captains:

 Kevin Budge (2019)
Steve Kane (2018)
Mike Thomas (2017)
Ian Webster (2016)
Paul Gregory (2015)
Adrian Gregory (2014)
Rod Woodward (2013)
Jimi Webb(2012)
Bob Webb (2011)
Frank Webb (2010)
Ken Gregory (2009)
Mark Roche (2008)
Colin Price (2007)
Kenny Morris (2006)
Mike Williams (2005)
John Edwards (2004)
Nicky Piper (2003)
Jeff Alvey (2002)
Kenny Morris (2001)
Phil Elliott (2000)
Wayne Michaels (1999) Mark Roche (1998) Roger Parsons (1997) Owen Money (1993-1996)


This was setting a new standard for our trips away. I think that the word had got around about how smoothly things went last year with the organisation from Kenny and Adrian and the fantastic services of Mike Davey's coach. This trip got to be sold out in no time.

During our three days we were blessed with some great weather and the ususal three magnificent courses of Enniscorthy on the Tuesday, Wexford on the Wednesday and St Helen's Bay on the Thursday.

There was a great show put on at Wexford Golf Club as can be seen from the above photo of Phil Elliott, the other acts were:


Kenny Morris was both the opening act and the compere of the evening

A better photo of Phil Elliott

Dave Devreaux took the audience by storm

Another of Dave Devreaux.

Great to see Owen Money there going down well

Justine Lawrence's voice was on top form

This is Karen Parfitt being introduced to mascot Seamus, by Adrian Gregory

Larraine Davey, Sharon Morris and Justine Lawrence

Yvonne Gregory needs a glass of wine to survive the hugs of Peter Walters (Just kidding Peter!! Adrian told me to put it)

Day 1 - Enniscorthy

The results for the day were:

1st: Ken Gregory
2nd: Roy Jones
3rd: Steve Parfitt

4th: Adrian Gregory

Nearest The Pin: Lyn Devreaux, Mike Davey, Leighton Davies, and Mike Thomas


In first place at Enniscorthy was Ken Gregory who gets congratulations from Seamus and Adrian Gregory

In second place was Roy Jones

Third place was Steve Parfitt

In fourth place was our 'Tour Treasurer' Adrian Gregory

Nearest the pin was Lyn Devreaux

Also nearest the pin was Mike Davey

Another nearest the pin was achieved by Mike Thomas

The final nearest the pin was on Leighton Davies' card



Day 2 - Wexford

The results for the day were:

1st: Karen Parfitt
2nd: Peter Walters
3rd: Owen Money
4th: Adrian Gregory

Nearest The Pin: Peter Walters, Robin Griffiths, Lyn Devreaux, Kath Mittell

First place in Wexford was Karen Parfitt

In Second place was Peter Walters

In third place Owen Money

I think the reason that the treasurer, Adrian Gregory, had decided to give 4 prizes this year is that he has got into the frame again.

All nearest the pin winners posed together, Peter Walters, Robin Gregory, Lyn Devreaux, Kath Mittell with Kenny Morris and Adrian Gregory.


Day 3 - St Helen's Bay

The results for the day were:

1st: Owen Money
2nd: Roy Jones
3rd: Tony Allen

3rd: Adrian Gregory

Nearest The Pin: John Edwards, Kenny Morris, Dave Devreaux, Phil Elliott, Mike Thomas

In first place at St Helen's Bay was Owen Money

In second place was Roy Jones

Tony Allen takes third place

Sneaking into the frame again in 4th place is Adrian Gregory

The first Nearest the Pin winner was John Edwards who normally takes the photos with a very complicated camera that others find difficult to operate (no names mentioned)

Kenny Morris also got nearest the pin and had his photo taken by John Edwards

Dave Devreaux also got a nearest the pin

Phil Elliott got nearest the pin on the 17th

With his second shot into the 18th Mike Thomas was nearest the pin

And so to the final presentations. There were only three overall prizes (I think decided by the treasurer, and I understand why when I see who came third)

The overall results were:

1st: Roy Jones
2nd: Owen Money
3rd: Adrian Gregory

Roy Jones was the overall winner and accepts his prize from Larraine Davey and Adrian Gregory

In Second place overall was Owen Money seen here with Larraine Davey

It wouldn't seem right if Adrian Gregory wasn't in the frame so here he is in third place overall

There were some special prizes given to the people who made this trip such a huge success:

Mike Davey our coach driver was given a golf shirt as a thankyou for his efforts

A shirt was also given to main trip organiser Kenny Morris

Ken Gregory was kind enough to make a collection so that we could thank our 'Trip Treasurer' Adrian Gregory with a box of balls

Finally a few prizes were awarded to those who had contributed their hard earned euros without too much hope of getting any of it back, in otherwords, those who would only get a booby prize:

Not sure why Lyn Devreaux appears in this section whose game is far too good normally

Wes Reynolds gets a towel

John Edwards had a bottle of wine

George Howells also had a bottle of wine

Finally Dave Crecraft with his bottle of wine