The W.E.D.G.E.S.

The Welsh Entertainers Do-Gooders Golfing Enjoyment Society










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Past Captains:


Captain: Paul Gregory
Ian Webster

President: Colin Price
Vice-President: John Edwards
Chairman: John Jackson
Vice-Chairman: Kenny Morris
Sectretary: Roger Parsons
Treasurer: Bob Webb
Handicap Sec: Frank Webb


Immediate Past Captain
Club Officers (above)
Dave Devreaux
Phil Elliott
Ken Gregory
Mark Roche
Mike Williams
Rod Woodward

Max Boyce M.B.E.
Ruth Madoc
Bryn Terfel C.B.E.
Gareth Edwards C.B.E.

Honorary Professionals:
Ian Woosnam O.B.E.
Bradley Dredge
Past Captains:

Adrian Gregory (2014)
Rod Woodward (2013)
Jimi Webb(2012)
Bob Webb (2011)
Frank Webb (2010)
Ken Gregory (2009)
Mark Roche (2008)
Colin Price (2007)
Kenny Morris (2006)
Mike Williams (2005)
John Edwards (2004)
Nicky Piper (2003)
Jeff Alvey (2002)
Kenny Morris (2001)
Phil Elliott (2000)
Wayne Michaels (1999) Mark Roche (1998) Roger Parsons (1997) Owen Money (1993-1996)


The Wedges were formed in 1993 with the intention of helping good causes whilst enjoying a game of golf with fellow entertainers and sportsmen/women.

Several well known entertainers and sportsmen have associated themselves with the WEDGES and play on a regular basis. Happy to be our patrons or golf professionals are names such as Max Boyce, Gareth Edwards, Ruth Madoc, Stan Stennett, Bryn Terfel, Ian Woosnam and Bradley Dredge.

Over £100,000 has been donated to good causes over the years, they include the Ray Gravell Charitable Trust and The Cardiff institute For The Blind

All WEDGES members pay to play in golf days and all monies raised come from within the society itself. We are proud to say that all committee members carry out their duties on a totally voluntary basis, keeping administration costs to minimum.


Last Updates:

28/3/15 - Results Previous Seasons

28/3/15 - Clyne Results

28/3/15 - Results







The founding members were:

  • Stan Stennett M.B.E
  • Colin Price
  • Owen Money M.B.E.
  • Max Boyce M.B.E.
  • Bob Webb
  • Dave Devreaux
  • Bryn Phillips
  • Mark Roche
  • Ernie Lemonheigh